Admiral Group Dividend 2018, yield and history


Payment date Dividend
May 2013 45.50p
Oct 2013 48.90p
2013 TOTAL 94.40p
May 2014 50.60p
Oct 2014 49.40p
2014 TOTAL 100.00p
May 2015 49.00p
Oct 2015 51.00p
2015 TOTAL 100p
Jun 2016 63.40p
Oct 2016 62.90p
2016 TOTAL 126.30p
Jun 2017 51.50p
Oct 2017 56.00p
2017 TOTAL 107.50p
Jun 2018 58.00p
Oct 2018 60.00p
2018 TOTAL 118.00p

About Admiral Group

Admiral group plc comes from an insurance industry. Admiral Group is a motor insurance company. The headquarter of Admiral Group plc is in Cardiff, Wales. Admiral is an FTSE 100 component and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Established in 1993, Admiral group has budded from a small startup to being one of the largest company to provide car insurance. Evolved from just being a car insurance provider, Admiral now also offers home, travel, and van insurance. It also offers personal loans and car finances in the United Kingdom. Gaining five million customers worldwide, it now also operates in Spain, France, US, Italy, and Mexico.