3i Group Dividend 2018, yield and history


Month/Year Dividend
Jan 2013 2.70p
Jul 2013 5.40p
2013 TOTAL 8.1p
Jan 2014 4.00p
Jan 2014 Bonus 2.70p
Jul 2014 13.30p
2014 TOTAL 20p
Jan 2015 2.70p
Jan 2015 Bonus 3.30p
Jul 2015 14.00p
2015 TOTAL 20p
Jan 2016 2.70p
Jan 2016 Bonus 3.30p
Jul 2016 16.00p
2016 TOTAL 22p
Jan 2017 8.00p
Jul 2017 18.50p
2017 TOTAL 26.5p
Jan 2018 8.00p
Jul 2018 22.00p
2018 TOTAL 30p

About 3i Group

3i group came into existence in 1987 when the banks in ICFC sold off their stakes and 3i Group became a public limited company. 3i invests in financial sectors, industrial, business, consumer and energy sectors. 3i invests particularly in infrastructure, mid-market buyouts and growth capital. 3i Group PLC is based in the London location, United Kingdom. It is a multinational venture capitalist company and majors in the area of private equity. 3i Group PLC is a part of FTSE 100 Index and is listed on the London stock exchange.